Gigondas La Cave, Gigondas, Le Syterres de Bois Neuf 2007

Gigondas La Cave, Gigondas, Le Syterres de Bois Neuf
Vallée du Rhône
Wine producer
Gigondas La Cave

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Grape(s): Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre

Red wine with glints of garnet, crystalline and sparkling color with a strong intensity. On the nose, at first the wine is discreet, it slowly reveals empyreumatic notes of spices and black fruit. After airing a bit, there appear notes of dry dates, spiced bread, grilled bread, caramel, and cocoa beans. The attack in the mouth is frank. Tannins are present and very well balanced. A long maturation is necessary to soften and dissolve the tannins. Dominant is retro-olfactory peppery notes in addition to notes of cinnamon and vanilla extract. Aged 12 months in barrels of new oak from the Vosges used for the finesse of the aromas. Bottles are spent many months resting before commercialization. Yield 36hl/ha. The vines are grown in a soil composed of clay-limestone, shale, scree, alluvium and colluvium. Optimal service temperature 19C. Accompaniment: “filet de chevreuil, beurre rouge accompané de sa compotée de fruits.”

Maturity: Now-2030

“La lutte raisonnée”