Domaine Yves Cuilleron, Saint Joseph, Le Lombard 2011

Domaine Yves Cuilleron, Saint Joseph, Le Lombard
St. Joseph
Vallée du Rhône
Wine producer
Yves Cuilleron

28,50 € tax incl.

Grape(s): 100% Marsanne

Vines exposed to the east/southeast on the hillsides of the villages of Verlieu. "Le Lombard" is not the name a specific locality, but rather a name to identify the cuvée. Vines are grown in sandy and granitic soil, and planted at high density (8000/10000 feet per hectare). No pesticides or insecticides are used, the number of treatments is restrained depending on the weather conditions, very little fertilizer is added and is organic, respect of the balance between the soil and plants is maintained. Low yields, leaf removal, and green harvests occur for a better maturity of the raisins.

Grapes are harvested manually, with sorting of grapes only at the right maturity. In the cave, another sorting, then pressing. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentations occur in barrels, with native yeasts used. Wine is aged 9 months in barrels, "sur lies," without racking, and with regular pumping over. 8.200 bottles per year.

Style: A complex nose combines the delicate fruit of the marsanne grape with the grilled, toasted notes added during the ageing process. Well-balanced in the mouth with an elegant yet powerful finish. Serve between 12-14C. Accompanies well "poissons et crustacés, langoustines aux herbes, bouquet de roquette et pignons de pins."

Cheese accompaniment: L'abondance, pont l'évêque.

Maturity: Now-2030